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Hi! I’m Roberto Garrido

I’m an iOS Software Engineer and I’m from Bilbao. I’m an amateur astronomer, a geek, a father, a TV show eater, and a Athletic Club de Bilbao supporter.


During the last years I’ve been working as a remote freelance for multiple startups around the world. Currently I have on e of the most valuable profiles (TOP RATED) in one of the best freelancing online platforms.


In this site you’ll find contents and resources that will help you accelerate, iterate, and evolve your app in a fast and safe way, and also lots of features to include in your app.

My personal and professional story

During most of my professional career (more than 10 years now!), my main interest has been focused on 3D development, simulation, videogames, and mobile apps. Looking back at those days, I realize that I haven’t been working for a company for more than 2 years. There have been technical and administrative decisions that took me apart from what I like the most, which is programming. That made me think that my commitments with companies, and not with specific projects/products, didn’t have warrantees of success. So today I see the job market from a different perspective.


Since 2012 I decide to go 100% freelance and to join only those projects/products I like the most, or in those in which I think I can do my best. As part of this mindset switch, I specialize my activity in one of the development branches I like the most, the iOS development. This specialization process is a personal bet in order to offer my clients my best in the solutions I offer.

roberto, roberto garrido, robertogarrido, developer, ios, freelance, trusted, reliable, sobre mi, about me

Featured projects

I’ve worked on multiple projects during my career, initially related with 3D simulation and videogame programming, and then others more focused on iOS mobile programming.


ZapTV helped me getting into the iOS world in a more professional way. In SmileDesigner I learnt a lot about how to participate in a distributed team, and in a product being used by a huge userbase. RosterBuster helped me giving the definitive step into iOS development, so I stopped being a full-stack freelance, and became a trusted iOS specialist.


You can see these and more other works in my portfolio