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Are you a startup CTO with a mobile app that want to evolve, or you don’t have any app but want to develop an initial experiment and measure the results?

Ask for your 30 minute initial consultation session so I can better understand the status of your project, and see if I can help you reach your goals

An initial consultation will help us detect the challenge of your target user, and will help us develop an app without investing too many resources.

Does it sound familiar?

The app was originally developed by an unexperienced amateur programmer. The code has been handled by multiple programmers with different styles. There is no development guidelines so the new devs don't know where or how to code the new functionalities. The code is duplicated throughout the project. We use Objective-C but want to move to Swift progressively. I want to feel that the app is in good hands.

I want to help you develop and implement a technology stack that allows you evolve your app in a fast and safe way.

If you think that I can help your startup evolving your iOS app, we should have an initial consultation session to know the status of the project.


We cannot set mid or long term goals, without first identifying the status of the project.

Which status is your project in?

Do you have an idea and want to test it?

Do you have an android app and want to convert it to iOS native?

Do you have your app in the Store and want to make it evolve?

Do you have a hybrid prototype and want to evolve it to the next level with a native iOS app?

Let’s talk technology!


Let’s have a chat in which we can identify the main challenges you are facing.


Get a better understanding of the current status of your project and identify the key challenges you are facing.

Meet each other in person and see if there is a feeling between us, our business are aligned and I can help you.

Show you my diagnosis and see if my services are compatible with your current goals.


Fill the questionnaire below

If I feel I can help you, we schedule a 30 minutes meeting in order to better know the goal of your project and see if I can help at this point

We'll have a Skype meeting so that I can better know the challenges you are facing

I'll show the results of my analysis and I'll show the services that better suit your needs


I’m Roberto Garrido, iOS Software Engineer for mobile startups

I’ve participated leading the iOS development in projects like RosterBuster, award winning Dutch app



I have worked on more than 20 projects as a freelance developer since 2013, helping multiple companies develop the core of their apps, and collaborating in the stabilization and bug fixing, and also in automatic deployment tasks.

The “turnkey” projects stopped working now some time ago: I will be to help you ONLY if I see that you are committed to your project.

Don’t fill this questionnaire if

You are an intermediary agency looking for a cheap freelance to collaborate with.

You are looking for the cheapest price for developing your app, no matter the quality of the results.

You are looking for free advice to take advantage of.

You want to invest the minimum effort, time, and money in your project.

You are not accepting technical advice.

You are an individual looking for a cheap and fast hybrid prototype to be developed.

You don't have the time to dedicate to your iOS native app.

You just want to pay somebody to take care of the whole project, without involving yourself as part of the team.

Get your free initial consultation session

Where do you come from?
I'm an individualI'm a company

Which of my services are you insterested in?
Initial free consultation (0€)Basic conceptualization (starting from $716 + VAT)Premium conceptualization (starting from $1,432 + VAT)2-week sprint ($2000/sprint + VAT)

Which phase is your project in?
I have an idea or conceptMy app is under development and not yet in productionI have an app in the Apple StoreI have a website, Android app, Hybrid app, and I want a native iOS app

Which is the annual budget that you dedicate to hire programmers like me??
Less than $2000Between $2000 and $8000More than $8000I've never hired a developer

If we work together, Do you need full-time availability from me?

Are you really committed to your project? Do you have time and budget to invest in it??