Here you have some of my contributions

rosterbuster, image, pilot, pilotlife, statistics, map, flight, portfolio

The #1 CrewApp with more than 250.000 professional users (pilots and cabin crew) and 375 airlines supported.

smile, smiledesigner, iOS, iPad, portfolio

SmileDesignerPro is the #1 digital smile design software solution.

mountain man, ios, game, native, unity, portfolio

Mountain Man Moonshine Escape is a Temple Run-like videogame, following a story of an old man living in the mountains, in charge of picking moonshine bottles in order to prepare a famous and ancient beverage.

evidanet, ios, app, case management, portfolio

eVidaNET is a clinical case managing platform. Thanks to the iOS app, eVidaNET users can search diagnosis and diagnosis requests in the central index, using multiple filters. 

Personal projects

chains, chainskeeper se, game, videogame, iOS, tower defense, portfolio

Chains Keeper SE is a tower defense iOS/Android videogame. I collaborated in the development while I was part of the indie dev team INGUMAK.

bus, bus configurator, 3D, simulation, online

Bus Configurator is a webapp prototype for the online configuration of buses.